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Deception For Frauds

Deception using special lasers

In 2014, London’s Ritz Casino opted for a way to cheat using lasers. The perpetrators were able to determine the direction of the roulette ball in a large number of cases with the help of a special laser system. The ball was scanned using lasers built into cell phones so you can see where it lands. The system only predicts the area where the ball will land and not the exact spot or number. To win with it, the cheaters bet at the place where the ball went. Eventually, the three people who committed this fraud were discovered but they were not prosecuted for doing nothing wrong and there was no law prohibiting it.

Cheating by counting cards

A trick that should of course not be missing from the list is counting cards in Blackjack . This method is mainly used in Blackjack as was the case with a group of about thirty scammers who used this method in various casinos in California. They applied this trick in collaboration with dealers from the casino itself. The dealers pretended to shuffle the cards, but in reality this didn’t happen and you only heard the sound that goes with it. That way the cards remained in the correct order so that they could be won over and over again.

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