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Sometimes you manage to rip off the casino

Most people who ever take a gamble at the casino do so fairly. After all, it is all about having a nice day or night out with friends where you enjoy yourself.

However, there are also gamblers who go that little bit further to get as much profit as possible. Most cheaters are easily caught and their cheats come true, but this is not always the case.

Cheaters in the casino who got away with it

We have to admit it honestly. Some cheaters are really cre rate and original. Sometimes they are so cunning and the deception is so ingenious that it also works. For example, we have listed eight cases of fraud that did pay for you.

Deception with special contact lenses

The first case we mention has to do with special contact lenses. In 2011, someone who worked at the Les Princes Casino in Cannes managed to rip things off there for around € 64,000. The employee marked the cards used for the Poker game with invisible ink. That way they were recognizable to the players who worked with the dealer and could see the marker because they had special lenses in them. When they returned later the same week and made high bets, the casino smelled fuse and discovered the fraud.

Cheating with a radio transmitter in a pack of cigarettes

The second trick has to do with a pack of cigarettes. This fraud was committed in 1973 at the Casino Deauville in France. A dealer at the Roulette worked together with his sister and brother-in-law to implement this. The casino thus became about five million francs lighter, which corresponds to almost € 900,000. The dealer had built in a radio transmitter in a pack of cigarettes and a receiver in the ball of the game. By pressing a button on the package it could be determined where the ball was going to fall. This turned out to be true in no less than 90% of the cases.

How was the fraud discovered?

The only reason they got caught is that the sister’s behavior started to stand out after a while. She always sat at the same table and didn’t bet much but won little either. While the casino lost a lot at the roulette table. The transmitter and receiver were discovered because the casino sent a group of people to investigate. This story was even later made into a film.

Cheats by Edge Sorting

Cheat number three was committed by Phil Ivey Jr. in London in 2012. He was charged with cheating at the Crockfords Casino there where he managed to defraud nearly € 10 million during a game of Punto Banco. He was accused of doing Edge Sorting. This means that he properly recognized all the imperfections on the cards (no matter how small), and thus knew which ones they were. Even though the cards were face down, he knew which one it was.

How was he exposed?

It’s not that easy to spot the imperfections and discrepancies between the maps, but it is possible. Anyway, it is cheating, although it is of course good if you can do this as a player. However, the court agreed with the casino during the lawsuit over his fraud, but Ivey himself called it more of a way to increase your chances rather than a ruse. In 2014, at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, he managed to win around $ 9.6 million at the Baccarat table but the casino refused to pay out because they suspected fraud.

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