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Why go to Las Vegas if you don’t want to gamble?

Why Choose Las Vegas? There will be many different reasons for this. You can be looking for art, have an educational purpose, just want to completely relax and so much more. For these things you can go to Las Vegas. Even if you don’t care about gambling, the city is definitely worth a visit.

And well, if you are in that world of glitter and glamor, take a look at a casino . You don’t even have to play yourself, but you can also watch how other people fare at the gaming table. After all, that is also exciting.

Super luxury activities in Las Vegas

Do you want to go to Las Vegas and you don’t have to worry about the budget? Then you can also turn it into a luxury holiday. Enjoy the best of the best and let yourself be pampered in this special world. Then it will definitely be a vacation to remember. Read the following tips for luxury activities so you know what to do. It costs you something, but then you also have something.

Visit a club or eat a very expensive cupcake

Book a visit to the trendiest livecasino club in Las Vegas: OMNIA. You can enjoy live performances and good music, but do pay a few thousand euros to experience this evening there. Another recommendation is to eat the most expensive cupcake in the world. You can do this at Sweet Surrender, where you pay about $ 750 per pastry for the Decadence D’Or. It is tasty by the way, but that is also possible for that price. It is also wonderful, so sharing is a good option.

Private beach with BBQ or a ride on the Ferris wheel

A BBQ is always fun to do. If you want a luxurious version, choose to rent Mandalay Beach to do that with your friends or family. The accompanying Mandalay Bay hotel provides the food and you can also book an artist for the music. And those are not exactly the least.

Do you like the necessary tension and are you not afraid of heights? Then the High Roller Wheel at Caesars Palace is for you. It fits 40 people and it takes half an hour to complete the wheel, so you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the view of the city and the surrounding area.

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